Branson and his sister beatrice combined their allowance of $7 each, so they could buy a movie for $12. They bought $1 containers of fruit salad with the remaining money and split the containers evenly between them. How many containers bof fruit salad did they each get?

2 Answer

  • Answer:

    They each got one container.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Since they both had $7, combining them would be $14 and subtracting $12 for the movie would leave $2. So they both get 1 each.

  • You're answer would be: They each get 1 container each!

    What we know:

    1) They both have 7$ each.


    First, we need to multiply 7$ by 2 because, they both have 7$.

    Once you've multiplied 7x2 you'll get 14.

    14 is the amount of money they have combined.

    Now you subtract 12 from 14, which gives you 2.

    Which means 2 containers where bought.

    Since there are 2 containers, and 2 people. That means they both get 1 container each!