when gisselle decided to stop eating junk food, she started saving more of her allowance to buy a larger bicycle. she manage8 weeks andd to put away $6 every week found a used bicycle for $50. she thought that she had close to the amount in her savings jar. did she have exactly enough for the bicycle? if not, how much extra or how much too little did she have?

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  • Answer:

    No she didn't have exact money for the bicycle. She had $2 less in her savings in order to buy the bicycle.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Gisselle saved $6 every week in order to buy a bicycle.

    In weeks she had saved 8 × $6 = $48

    She found a used bicycle costing $50.

    So she had $50 - $48 = $2 less in her savings preventing her from buying the bicycle.