Dilation of a line by a scale factor 1/3 centered at the point (4,2)

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  • Answer:

    (4/3,2/3) will the point on the line after dilation

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Dilation is a transformation in which every point on line is dilated or multiplied away by the scale factor. This means, that dilation either enlarges the figure or reduces it in size.

    So that means, if a point A(1,1) lies on a line and this line is dilated by a factor 2. Then, the new line will be passing through point

    A(1,1) ---> A'(2*1,2*1) = A'(2,2)

    Given: point on line (4,2) and scale factor 1/3

    Result: The point is transformed or dilated by factor 1/3

    B(4,2) --> B'(4/3,2/3)