What is the correct answer and why show your work
What is the correct answer and why show your work

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  • Answer:

    A7.45x = y

    Step-by-step explanation:

    We can use a ratio to solve this problem.  Take the total cost of the lunches and divide by the number of lunches.

    y = total cost of lunches and

    x = number of lunches

    74.50             y

    -------------- = ------------

    10                     x

    Using cross products

    74.5 x = 10 y

    Divide each side by 10

    74.5/10 x= 10y/10

    7.45x = y

  • Answer:

    Step-by-step explanation:


    There is only one answer that works and that is A. The rest give you strange answers. Each box, no matter how many there are, costs 7.45

    Since you don't know the number of boxes, call that x

    The total cost is y

    Therefore y = 7.45*x

    The other choices

    B: When you cross multiply the proportion of B, you get

    7.45*y = 10x That means the total (y) is multiplied by 7.45 (making y not the total). When you divide by 10, the answer is now meaningless. B is incorrect.

    C: C is saying that each box costs 74.50. That was supposed to be the total for 10 boxes. C is getting to be far too big. C is not the answer.

    D: They total is y, not 74.5 * y. The answer is getting out of control (too big) if it is D. So D is incorrect.