Which equation represents the number of inches (i) a snail crawls if it crawls 7.6 inches per hour (h)? How far will the snail crawl in 8 hours?

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  • Answer:

    60.8 inches

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The relevant equation (formula) here is i(t) = (7.6 in/hr)t, where t represents time in hours.

    i(8) represents the distance the snail crawls in 8 hours and is

    i(8) = (7.6 in/hr)(8 hrs) = 60.8 inches

  • Answer:


    i = 7.6 * h

    For 8 hours = 60.8 inches

    Step-by-step explanation:

    To write an equation we have to see what we have of information:

    1. Number of inches a snail crawls (i)
    2. Inches per hour a snail crawls (7.6)
    3. Hours (h)

    With this information we can start writing our equation:

    We want to know how many inches a snail crawls after a certain period (hours), so we want to look for (i).

    Also, we know that every hour the snail crawls 7.6 inches, so if we want to know after certain hours (h) we need to multiply 7.6 times h

    We get:


    Now we have to substitute in the equation for 8 hours to know how many inches will the snail crawl:

    i = 7.6 inches/hour * 8 hours

    Solving for i we get:

    i = 60.8 inches.