(50 points) is there a solution that relates to chemistry for air pollution. (like adding protons or something related to chemistry) (really detailed answer)

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  • Some air pollutants that are released into the atmosphere by man-made activities pose environmental and health risks directly. These primary pollutants include carbon monoxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and lead, emitted from exhausts of road vehicles. Additional impacts, however, result from the conversion of primary pollutants by a complex series of chemical reactions in the atmosphere, to secondary pollutants, many of which are potentially more harmful than their precursors. Since much of the pollutant chemistry is driven by the presence of sunlight, the secondary products are commonly referred to as photochemical pollutants.

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  • a solution that relates to chemistry for air pollution:

    carbon dioxide CO2 is an air pollutant related to global warming. one solution to reduce the amount of CO2 is to freeze it into solid. The solid, called dry ice,  will then be stored near the north and south pole to keep cold. that way there will be less CO2 in air to cause global warming.

    the above is a physical change. there are also other discussions in using different chemicals to react with CO2 in air. the idea is the same: by removing CO2 thro. chemical reaction, it can be removed n stored.