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1. How can the rate of a reaction be increased?

increasing the temperature

decreasing the amount of reactants

having less surface area

having a lower concentration of reactants

Which of these scenarios involve a reaction that is at equilibrium?

The reaction is producing more products than reactants.

The reaction is producing more reactants than products.

The reaction is only producing products.

The reaction is producing reactants and products at an equal rate.

2 Answer

  • A higher concentration of reactants leads to more collisions per unit time and leads to an increasing reaction rate. Changing the pressure of gaseous reactants is, in effect, changing their concentration. The increased number of collisions caused by a higher pressure generally increases the reaction rate.

  • Answer 1:

    Increasing the Temperature


    Increasing temperature makes thinks faster so the rate of the reaction goes faster too, also I took the quiz myself and got it correct.

    Answer 2:

    The reaction is producing reactants at an equal rate


    The question asked for an equilibrium, and if we produce reactants at an equal rate, that's literally an equilibrium right there. Also, I took the same test and got the same question and got it correct.