An animal shelter spends $2.00 per day to care for each bird and $6.00 per day to care for each cat. Maya noticed that the shelter spent $70.00 caring for birds and cats on Thursday. Maya found a record showing that there were a total of 27 birds and cats on Thursday. How many birds were at the shelter on Thursday?

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    Step-by-step explanation:



    If theres 22 dogs and cats in total you can plug in number less than 22 for c(# of cats) and d(# of dogs).

    So we try pats numbers 8 cats and 14 dogs so




    So pats numbers were wrong so we try different numbers

    So i started pluging in numbers from under 22 so i got c is 10 and d is 12 lets try it with the equation



    89.50=89.50 so it works the answer to how many number of dogs and cats is 12 dogs and 10 cats

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  • I believe it is 23 birds and 4 cats, because if I did my math right and understood the question correctly its

    23 birds 2 dollars a piece which is 46 dollars
    4 cats 6 dollars a piece which is 24 dollars
    4+23 = 27
    24+46 = 70
    So there were 23 birds at the shelter