describe the united states movement from isolationism to expansion-midnedness in the final decades of the 19th century the late 1800's

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  • First of all, it's important to explain what ISOLATIONISM is. ISOLATIONISM meant that the United States of America would remain isolated or that they would not interfere with other countries' businesses.

    By the late 1800's the United States realized they had to change this policy called ISOLATIONISM and they had to start expanding. There were specific reasons for expansion that had to do with the military, the economy and with nationalism.

    Economically speaking, the United States had to expand in order to start selling their products in different countries. American industries needed to be positioned in foreign lands.

    As for the military reasons, the United States had to match European naval force in order to protect the country and their overseas businesses.

    Finally, nationalism demanded the United States to spread civilization to uncivilized lands and territories throughout the world. This came from the idea of "the white man's burden", asking Anglo-Saxon men (Britons and Americans) to spread their superior morality and intellect upon the uncivilized nations and people of the world.

  • The United States movement from isolationism to expansionism in the final decades of the 19th century,the late 1800s, many reasons :

    1. America was an economic superpower and wanted to expand internationally.It had nuclear power.
    2. After World Wars,USA had decided to isolate itself from European politics as it cost lot of money but decided to to expand later on to divert attention of public from its internal problems such as economic crisis of 1893 and then violent workers strike and a farmer third party political challenge.
    3. all of the North American continent was struggling from Native Americans.
    4. There were fears that European expansion across the world was cutting off and blocking American access to markets and raw materials.If America did not intervene to take overseas territory,there would be nothing left to take.