The ratio of the number of apples to the number of pears in a basket was 3:5. After 7more apples were added to the basket and 9 pears were removed ,there were an equal number of apples and pears .how many apples and how many pears were originally in the basket

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    Apples = 24

    Pears = 40

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Let u be the unit of fruit in the basket,

    number of apples: [tex]3u +7[/tex]

    number of pears: [tex]5u -9[/tex]

    now to find u, we equate the two equations.


    Now simplify.




    Now we can find the original number of apples and pears by substituting u.

    so original number of apples = [tex]3u = 3(8) = 24[/tex]

    and original number of pears = [tex]5u = 5(8) = 40[/tex]