The length of a rectangular dining hall is 8 feet less than twice it’s width. The perimeter of the room will be 134 feet. What are the dimensions of the dining hall?

Please explain.

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    Length = 42, Width = 25

    Step-by-step explanation:

    You write out the equation for the length, which is L=2w-8 (Length is L and width is W) You substitute in the length in the original equation, 2L + 2W = 134 ( I got this equation from knowing that 2 lengths plus 2 widths equals the perimeter, 134.) Substitute 2w-8 for L, you're left with 2(2w-8) + 2w = 134. Simplify further, you have 4w-16+2w=134. Once you're done, you have W=25. Plug that back into the original equation, then solve. L = 2(25)-8, L=42.