In one year New York received 62.51 inches of rain.In November the city received 25% of rainfall. About how much rain did New York receive in November

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  • Answer:

    15.6275 inches (not rounded, exact answer)

    Step-by-step explanation:

    62.51 inches of rain fell in 1 year & 25% of that fell in the month of November.

    To find how much rain in fell on November, we take 25% of 62.51, which is:


    Hence, 15.6275 inches of rain fell in New York in November.

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    The answer is 15,63 inches of rain.


    In this case, 100 % , means the total of received rain inches, and it is equal to 62,51 inches.

    We can not operate with %, so we need to convert it to real numbers by dividing it into 100, so we have that:

    100 % is equal to 1

    75 % is equal to 0,75

    50 % is equal to 0,50

    25 % is equal to 0,25

    We know that New York received 62,51 inches of rain, and we need to know how much  inches of rain did New York Receive in November if the city received 25% of the total rainfall.


    Rain received in November = [tex](62,51) * (0,25) = 15,63in[/tex]

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