what Event in 1848 prompted a large influx of immigrants to enter the United States?

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  • Answer:

    The correct answer is the The Irish Famine


    Also known as the Potato Famine of Ireland and the Great Famine. It started around 1845 and lasted till 1849.

    The famine caused hunger and disease to go rampant and killed almost a million people. During the time, Ireland saw one of the great migrations take place as thousands left for the United States to seek a better life.

    When the Famine was over, the demographics of the country had completely changed.

    By the 1900, New York had more Irish than Dublin and today over 34 million Americans have Irish ancestry. Which is 5 times the population of Ireland itself

  • Answer: The Gold Rush In California.

    Explanation:  The event that caused a great influence of immigrants to enter the United States was The Gold Rush in California. With this social phenomenon, not only Americans from other states felt motivated to emigrate to California, but many immigrants from other countries did too. At the beginning the search for the mineral resource was done in a simple way, exploring the rivers and streams where it was believed the precious metal could be found, then, there were more advanced techniques for its extraction. Many people who knew about this news did not hesitate to leave everything behind and take a new course towards the United States of America.