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Loftus and Palmer (1974) conducted an experiment in which participants estimated the speed of a car described as either contacting or smashing into another. To which of the following conclusions regarding eyewitness memory is this study most relevant? The presence of a weapon attracts witnesses' attention, impairing their memory. Child eyewitnesses are especially suggestible. Eyewitness memory can be heavily influenced by leading questions. Eyewitnesses' confidence is only weakly related to eyewitness memory.

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  • Answer:

    Eyewitnesses confidence is only weakly related to eyewitness memory.  


    This happen because when humans perceive a certain a situation, we will record it based on the pre-determined schema that we already have in our head.

    So, when different eyewitnesses saw a crime event, the memory that they have tend to be different from one person to another. This make their confidence over the recollection very weakly related to their memory.