The energy produced by a nuclear reaction comes from:

2 Answer

  • There are two types of nuclear reactions: fission and fusion. In a fission reaction the energy comes from the bonds within the nucleus of an atom being split and the energy from fusion results from the forming of heavier nuclei from light nuclei.
  • In the nuclear fusion reaction energy is produced due to remaining mass of the nuclei and in nuclear fission it is released due to breaking of bonds of the nucleus.

    What are nuclear reactions?

    Nuclear reactions are those reactions in which nuclei of two atoms are involved in the reaction.

    These are of two types:

    • Nuclear fission: In this reaction one nuclei will break into two small nuclei and in this process energy is emitted due to breaking of particle into small particles of low mass.
    • Nuclear fusion: In this reaction two nuclei will combine to form one atom of lower mass, and energy is released due to left mass of substance.

    Hence, energy is produces by the change in mass and breaking of bonds in the nuclear reactions.

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