Review the case.

Dred Scott v. Sandford

Which most accurately explains how this Supreme Court ruling acted as a catalyst for the Civil War?

1) It established a policy under which slaves were denied the right to purchase their own freedom and that of their relatives.
2) It declared that the due process clause prevented the intervention of the federal government in issues involving states.
3) It permitted slave owners to bring slaves into the territories, which ignited antislavery advocates’ fears that the territories would become slave states.
4) It enacted the property clause, which prevented states from owning slaves and enraged free African Americans living in proslavery states.

PLEASE DON'T JUST GUESS (whoever is correct, i will put as the brainiest)

1 Answer

  • Number 3. Dred Scott v Sandford was essentially the Supreme Court saying to anti slavery states “your compromise doesn’t matter” and completed regressed any progress to abolishing slavery by declaring African Americans could NOT be citizens of the US, and that abolishing slavery was unconstitutional. This obviously led to some tension and an eventual civil war. Hope I helped!