Genetic inheritance is being studied in a certain species of plant in which orange flower color (O) is dominant to white (o) and round leaf shape (S) is dominant to oval (s). A true-breeding orange-flowered, round-leaved male plant (Plant A) is mated with a true-breeding white-flowered, oval-leaved female plant (Plant B) to produce dihybrid offspring plant (Plant C). Assuming normal Mendelian genetics and independent inheritance of these two traits, which gametes might be produced by Plant C?

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    OS, Os, oS, os


    To do this, first we need to determine what the genotype of the Plant C offspring is. Since the parents are both true bred, this means that their offspring will get one allele of each parent, of each trait.

    Here's a Punnett to help you there

    OOSS x ooss

                os        os         os          os

    OS     OoSs   OoSs   OoSs     OoSs

    OS     OoSs   OoSs   OoSs     OoSs

    OS     OoSs   OoSs   OoSs     OoSs

    OS     OoSs   OoSs   OoSs     OoSs

    So Plant C would have a genotype of OoSs.

    A good trick to determining the gametes of a dihybrid, is the FOIL method. Just like in math, F- first, O-outside, I- inside, and L-Last

    Look at the attachment to see the FOIL method: