On all food labels, how are the ingredients listed?

Select one:
a. from most important to least important
b. in descending order (from most to least)
c. in ascending order (from least to most)
d. in alphabetical order

2 Answer

  • Answer:

    b. in descending order (from most to least )


    The ingredients on the label descend by the weight of each ingredient.(greatest to least)

  • Answer:

    The correct option would be B, Descending order, from most to least.


    When we purchase a food product from market, there are many things written on the packaging including food labels, ingredients, net weight, etc. A full list of ingredients is written on the food labels. The arrangement of the ingredients is on the basis of the quantity of the ingredient used in the greatest amount to the quantity of the ingredients used in the least amount. So option B will be the accurate option which states that ingredients are listed in descending order from the most to the least in quantity.