Malthus studied limited resources and the impact of limited resources on human populations. How did these ideas contribute to Darwin's ideas?

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  • Darwin’s ideas operate on the basis that organisms must change to survive in their environment. One of the key aspects of these changes is that they help the organisms utilize resources as effectively as possible. If there were unlimited resources there would not be a need for change. Malthus’s studies in limited resources shows how human populations changed to best use the resources available.
  • Answer:

    The main concept of Darwinian theory is natural selection. He presented his theory after Lamarck's theory. It is possible that the work of Thomas Malthus on "populations" influenced Darwin.


    Malthus interpreted that if population sizes are limited then there had been competition or struggle, for acquiring the resources, among individuals of same species or of two different species. The one who had better adaptability survived and produced more progeny. A concept of "fitness" and "natural selection" was thus reflected in his theories.