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The FBI considers the Animal Liberation Front to be a/an _______ organization. A. agroterrorist B. loosely affiliated extremist C. issue-oriented advocacy D. special interest terrorist

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    C. would be the answer :)

    Hoped i'm right lol


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    The FBI considers the Animal Liberation Front to be B. loosely affiliated extremist.


    The animal protection rights groups are in opposition to the use of animal in biomedical research manage. In addition, they managed to get the public to join in on their opposition movements. This, however, can compromise scientific and biomedical research.

    Many riots have been instigated in some research facilities as a scare tactic meant to send messages to the research scientists. Other criminal extremists led by animal protection groups include harassment, arson, and assault. The Animal Liberation and Earth Liberation Front have been linked with domestic terrorism in the past, in the US.