Stefan’s family rented a rototiller to prepare an area in their backyard for spring planting. The rental company charged an initial fee of $43 with an additional fee per hour. If they paid $64 after renting the rototiller for 7 hours, what was the hourly fee?

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    Whenever some type of expenditure is made, there are usually 2 types of costs available: the fixed cost and the variable cost. Former is the constant cost which has to be incurred in order to gain the advantage from the expense. Latter is the cost that varies with the duration of the expense. Therefore, total costs (TC) = fixed costs (FC) + variable costs (VC). VC can be expressed as: VC = price per hour (p) * number of hours (h). So the equation becomes TC = FC + p*h. In this question, FC = $43, TC = $64, h = 7 hours, and p is unknown. So plugging in the values give:

    64 = 43 + 7p.

    Solving the equation for p gives:

    p = 21/7. This implies that p = 3.

    Therefore, the hourly fee is $3!!!

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    $3 the hourly fee for the rototiller

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