essay about worst vacation?​

1 Answer

  • Answer: Silverwood Theme park in Idaho


    I must have been around the young age of fourteen when I went on my first vacation, The destination was the great Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho. I personally loved the experience. However. I was going through a growth spurt as they call it.

    The air was excruciating humid! Now I am from Washington. Where there is lots of trees, I also live near the bay so there is always a fresh circulating breeze that comes with the tides. This air was dry and hot, no breeze whatsoever, not what I am used to I also suffer from asthma to make matters more difficult.

    We reached our destination when I realized I did not pack the appropriate clothing for this trip I packed all jeans and long sleeves as well as only one pair of sneakers. Since the weather in Washington was damp, cold and cloudy when we left. I had to cut my only few pairs of jeans and shirts into shorts and t-shirts, I had outgrown my tennis shoes during the duration of this trip, my toes hurt so bad from walking around being cramped up in my shoes.

    I later then go on a water ride to get my shoes soaked the heat made my shoes smell terrible and I was overall embarrassed by the situation I could no longer enjoy little of what I had experienced I was mortified.