How are conducting diplomacy and conducting trade similar?

They are both strategies to combat terrorism.

They are both tools of foreign policy.

They are both ways to better equip the military.

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    A. Would be the answer:)

    Hope i'm correct lol


  • The correct answer is B. They are both tools of foreign policy


    The word "diplomacy" refers to the negotiation between different states of nations that determine the relationship between two or more countries or international relations, this can have multiple purposes including creating economic policies, solving conflicts between two or more countries, supporting a state in conflict, preventing certain international issues, etc. On the other hand, the word "trade" refers to the transfer or exchange of products and services that usually are traded for money from one person to other, but also from one institution to other or from one nation to other, usually with economical purposes. This means, both diplomacy and trade can take place between two nations and therefore, both of them are part of foreign policy, which refers to the interaction a country has with the rest of the countries. Therefore, the similarity between conducting diplomacy and trade is that they are both tools of foreign policy.