What are interpersonal skills?

A.) the skills required to develop your personality
B.) the skills required to grow in your job role
C.) the overall way of portraying yourself when communicating with others
D.) the overall way you deal with conflicts

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  • Answer:

    C. would be the answer :)


  • The overall way of portraying yourself when communicating with others are interpersonal skills. Hence, option C is correct.

    What is interpersonal skills?

    For some vocations, having strong interpersonal abilities, such as negotiation, problem-solving, and knowledge sharing, may be essential. Other soft skills deemed crucial for all workers include: Teamwork. Both written and spoken communication e.g., in-person meetings, emails, phone

    The many forms of potential communication can be grouped into four main categories when it comes to the fundamentals of interpersonal communication: spoken, listening, written, and nonverbal communication. Let's take a closer look at these interpersonal communication ideas.      Verbal communication, Non-verbal communication, listening skills, Negotiation, Problem-solving, Decision-making and Assertiveness are some interpersonal skills.

    Thus, option C is correct.

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