if i wanted to stop smoking marijuana.. will there be a chance of me relapsing? like do i gotta wait a month for my brain to stop thinking about marijuana??

2 Answer

  • Recovering from an addiction to marijuana is a process. It may take multiple relapses before a person stops themself from using marijuana. It varies from person to person in the process of attempting to stop thinking about marijuana.
  • it depends on if you are addicted to it and if so, how strongly you are addicted to it. yes, there is always a chance of you relapsing. you might prevent it by avoiding all other addictive behaviors, such as drinking alcohol, using other drugs, and dieting. also be careful with doctors as they sometimes prescribe opioids when it is not necessary.
    it is impossible to say how long you should wait before you won’t think about it anymore. treating addiction and mental illness is a process. so you might not think about it for a while, but when you’re stressed, you might feel like you want to use it. you need to make a habit of using healthy coping mechanisms to stop thinking about it. journaling is healthy, although it can be detrimental if you’re not careful.