alA baker bought 4 gallons of icing to decorate cakes. He uses 4 1/2 cups of icing for completely Frost and decorate each cake. what is the maximum number of cakes he can completely decorate ​

1 Answer

  • Answer: 14 cakes

    Step-by-step explanation:

    We have the following data:

    Number of gallons the baker has: [tex]4 gallons \frac{16 cups}{1 gallon}=64 cups[/tex]

    Number of cups the baker used for one cake: [tex]4,5 cups[/tex]

    Now, we can use the Rule of three  to find the maximum number of cakes the baker can completely decorate:

    [tex]4.5 cups[/tex]-----​[tex]1 cake[/tex]

    [tex]64 cups[/tex]-----​[tex]?[/tex]


    ​[tex]?=\frac{(64 cups)(1 cake)}{4.5 cups}[/tex]

    ​[tex]?=14,2 cakes \approx 14 cakes[/tex]