Should presidents be allowed to use executive orders to change policy, such as the minimum wage for federal contractors, or should presidents rely on Congress to pass policy? explain.

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    It is your decision on if it is right, but I will give insight on the very basics of how our government deals with power distribution and why. And a touch of opinion. Happy New Year!


    Giving the president the power of executive authority would make our government the same as a dictatorial one. That is one of the main reasons our government has 3 branches, it’s a checks and balances system that keeps those in power relying on each other to make decisions. The question of if it is right that a president should or shouldn’t have executive authority has raged on every since America first considered becoming independent from Britain, but based on the numerous times a British monarch given executive authority abused it, we can guess the same thing could easily happen with our president. At the very least a president should not have full freedom in passing policies, but the real difficult question is “To what extent should a president be able to pass policies, and congress oversee the affairs of the president?” This question applies to not just the president and Congress, but also the judicial branch and state governments. It’s a tough question.