According to the article, why was Leonardo da Vinci a perfect example of a “Renaissance man?”

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    Leonardo's ability to observe and study, then demonstrate those things in his art, he was pretty much the definition of a Renaissance man.  Defined: Renaissance man: a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.

  • Answer: Leonardo´s versatility is the best example of what we usually call "renaissance man". He excelled in many areas and did so well that he is frequently considered genius.

    Explanation: There were other people like Leonardo, but Leonardo continues being famous. Versatility and genius where theory/experiment and practice meet, where fantasy/imagination and praxis and utility meet is the best reflexion of that time (renaissance). Psychologically speaking renaissance is considered a period or re-awakening, extroversion. People like Pico della Mirandola or Paracelsus still fascinate us.