Take time to interview your parents/ grandparents to find out about the things they used
to do when they were of your age which no longer exist/ followed or done. Eg. Leisure time activities
Games Customs practised etc.
● Minimum 10 questions.
● Make it interesting.Your interview must have a lot of details for the reader to understand the yesteryears clearly.

1 Answer

  • Interview Sheet for my Aunts



    1. When you are in your grade school age, what is your favorite book to read? Why?

    2. Which do you prefer to listen to when you are in your teenage years: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith or Billy Idol? Why?

    3. You are about to see a movie with your best friend, what movie would it be and why?

    4. If you were to read a book what would it be and why?

    5. Which do you prefer: cross stitch or coloring stuff via coloring books? Why?

    6. What record would you listen to in your walk man all day?  

    7. Which 70's - 80's NBA star you have a huge crush on?

    8. What is your favorite outdoor games that you used to play on when you are still a kid?

    9. If you were to choose between magic cards and skateboards, which would you play on?

    10. What is your comfort food when you are still in grade school?