Why do you think Mitch Albom portrayed heaven the way he did in The five People In meet In heaven ?

1 Answer

    • The first person Eddie meets in heaven is the Blue Man; Joseph Corvelzchik. Eddie Learns from him that every life is connected. Joe actually died swerving to miss Eddie who went into the street to retrieve a ball.
    • The second person Eddie meets is his captain from WWII. Together they fought in the Philippines. During a village fire Eddie thinks he sees someone left behind.. The captain dies insuring his men get out safely. Eddie learns sacrifice from him.
    • The third person Eddie meets is Ruby. The women that the pier he worked on was named after. From Ruby he learns the importance of forgiveness. She is the one who tells Eddie the truth behind his fathers death.
    • The forth person is Eddie's wife. She died young from a brain tumor. Through her Eddie realizes the power of love, everlasting, no matter the distance.
    • The last person Eddie meets is the most important. Tala was the girl who died in the village fire in the Philippines. Eddie tried to save her but couldn't. She teaches him that one person dies for the same reason one lives; there is a purpose to everyone's life.