Taking temperatures is delegated to you. What information can you get from the nurse and a resident's care plan?

A. The normal range for the site used
B. How to use the thermometer
C. Whether the thermometer needs charging
D. What site to use to obtain the temperature

1 Answer

  • D. What site to obtain the temperatures


    An individual care plan of a patient by a nurse or a resident will contain all the basic information necessary to provide an individualized care plan for that patient.

    Patient’s vital signs including body temperature are assessed on a routine basis and recorded in the nursing/resident’s care plan.  

    In an individual nursing/resident’s care plan, the temperature will mostly be recorded like Temperature: 101.40F (orally). This clearly mentions the recorded value and site of recording the temperature.  

    Recording the temperature accurately, precisely, consistently and diligently is very important because it is a vital parameter which is used to decide treatment modalities.  

    Hence, the site and method of measurement should be selected appropriately and used consistently and recorded in the nursing care plan to ensure measurement accuracy and patient’s safety.