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how can we make our family an ideal one ​

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    An ‘ideal’ family is one that has the morays, morals, beliefs and actions, convictions that are shared and developed by the whole. If you are a practising Jewish person and lived with an agnostic family, there is an unbalance of your intent within this whole. While you may respect one another, your daily practice is out of sync.

    An ideal family would be people who live in total comfort with each other, and couldn’t even imagine life without their family members even if they have to live in a tiny room together

    Many families are said to be ideal when everyone gets along, and never fights, and love each other amazingly.

    This is a very hard expectation to live up to. In a humans nature, we are guaranteed to fight every once in a while, even with the happiest personalities.

    It also depends on the personalities of the family members. Some families act different, to morph into the right fit for those people in the family. Putting one kind of family for all families is very very close to impossible.

    But what you should note is what is not an ideal family.

    • Always fighting
    • Not feeling safe
    • No quality time
    • Being afraid of the parents
    • Feeling like you can’t tell anyone anything

    You just need to observe and find the best fit for everyone in your family to get so,what along and be happy. That is the greatest gift someone can give to a family

  • By living up to it and try