Ionising radiation is emitted all the time by __________ sources. What one word completes the sentence?

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    A substance that gives out radiation all the time is unstable, therefore called radioactive.

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  • The statement, that describes ionizing radiation is emitted all the time is by "radioactive sources."

    What is an ionizing radiation?

    Ionizing radiation is the radiation released by unstable nuclei because it can dislodge outer electrons from atoms, forcing them to form ions as it passes through matter. This radiation generates energy from either natural or man-made sources.

    Ionizing radiation is a type of energy that atoms emit as electromagnetic waves or particles. People are exposed to ionizing radiation from both natural sources, such as soil, water, and vegetation, and man-made ones, such as x-rays and medical gadgets. Ionizing radiation sources include radioactive materials that emit radiation all the time.

    Hence the correct answer is radioactive sources.

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