How does Grendel’s raiding affect the socio-politicoeconomic structure of Hrothgars kingdom? How does the nearby king react?

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  • How does Grendel’s raiding affect the socio-politico-economic structure of Hrothgar's kingdom?

    Answer: People no longer feel safe in Hrothgar's kingdom. They are now frightened that Grendel would kill them, yet unable to fight him back.


    King Hrothgar once enjoyed a prosperous reign. He built a vast hall, Heorot, where his warriors gathered to drink and tell stories after the battles. Heorot has remained a happy, safe place, until Grendel began to attack it. Grendel, a man-eating monster that lived in the land of Spear-Danes, was made angry as he heard the noise and music coming from Heorot. His jealousy motivated him to attack Heorot, which he continued doing for the next twelve years. Night after night, he would kill Hrothgar's people and destroy the hall. Once a happy place that offered safety and comfort, Heorot became a place of terror and suffering. People were in constant fear of Grendel killing them.

    How does the nearby king react?

    Answer: He accepts Beowulf's offer to fight Grendel.


    Beowulf is a young Geatish warrior. Many years ago, Hrothgar helped Beowulf's father, who was captured by the Wulfings.

    When Beowulf heard of the problems Hrothgar was facing, he decided to help and gathered a group of warriors. King Hrothgar, an old king incapable of defeating his people anymore, accepted this offer. Beowulf sailed to Denmark and promised to kill Grendel or die fighting.