In "Raymond's Run," Squeaky's main objective is to win the race on May Day. She describes her training routine and talks about other girls and their running abilities. Write a journal entry addressing the question: Why do you think Squeaky is so focused on competing and winning? Your response should be about 150 words in length.

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  • Answer: Squeaky in the lesson is seen to be very practical and a confident girl. She is very boastful about the ability of her running so fast and she takes running very seriously and gets happy looking at the medals and the ribbons of her achievement. This motivates her to win the competition and run fast and compete well.


    In the lesson "Raymond's Run", Squeaky is a character who is shown to be a little girl who is very confident about her abilities of running fast and winning every race she runs. She practices very hard for the races and is not at all afraid of practicing tough for the competition. It makes her happy and boastful that every one thinks that she is the fastest thing on two feet.

    She gets very happy with the trophies and the ribbons that she gets when she runs and she also wants to coach her brother for running. This motivates her to run fast and win the competition that she takes part in. She is very responsible for her running and for practicing hard.

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    I'm pretty sure that Squeaky is so y focused on winning is because of Gretchen because shes been talking to her like "you're not gonna win this time" and everything just to get squeaky off track. So this time squeaky did lots of practising and was getting really well prepared to win this since she said that she is the fastest runner.


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