Which statement would be true from all three of the perspectives you've studied: that of the journalist, of Evalyn McLean, AND of the Hoover administration? A. The Bonus Army was attacked with tear gas. B. The Bonus Army was made up largely of communists and criminals. C. President Hoover should have taken the time to meet with the leaders of the Bonus Army. D. The Bonus Army did not deserve to be forced to continue its protest under such harsh conditions.

1 Answer

  • Option A, The Bonus Army was attacked with tear gas.


    The US Army, commanded by MacArthur, Patton, and Eisenhower, targeted WWI soldiers on July 28, 1932, with tanks, bayonets, and tear gas. The service members of World War I belonged to a bonus army that came to Washington. To order the wartime rewards offered.

    The Army was then instructed by president Herbert Hoover to the body block of marchers. General Douglas MacArthur, Press secretary of the Army, controlled the infantry and troops of six tanks With their spouses and children, the Bonus Army marchers were forced out and their tents and possessions were burned.

    Although it was named ' the grave ' bonus, ' the service members were satisfied with the requirement that the bonus could be paid immediately on the soldier's death. Economic relaxation wanted the upfront payment of the bonus.