Which statement describing the cells in a body system is correct?

2 Answer

  • Answer:

    some cells in the system may be different from the other cells in the system but all cells are coordinated and work together


  • The initial structural and functional entity of an organism is called a cell. They are essential for survival as it acts as the core for various processes.

    The correct statement about the cell is:

    Some cells in the organism may vary from other cells in the body, but all cells are harmonized and operate together.

    This can be explained as:

    • The organism is made up of many types of cells that differ in functions and processes.

    • The cells in a system may differ in structure and function but together they work to attain the result. and accomplish the results.

    • For example cells of the digestive system have various cells but function together to perform the process of digestion.

    Therefore, cells work coordinately to perform functions in the system.

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