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state reasons why new version of application packages are released often?​

2 Answer

  • - To add new features

    - To fix bugs

    - To combat security vulnerabilities

    - To keep customers engaged by showing the application is still maintained

  • Answer:

    new version of applications are released to address issues like:

    • fixing bugs
    • insecurity of the application
    • to update features
    • customer engagement as well
    • market competition


    Most application release new versions of their applications due to all and more of these reasons been given above:

    fixing of bugs: bugs are a constant threat to the functionality of different applications hence the constant improvement and release of newer version help detect and remove most bugs

    insecurity of the application: this is very important for most Applications because identities of users can be stolen by hackers if an application is not properly secured

    update of features: new versions come with newer features which makes the application user friendly

    customer engagement is essential so that there will be new and returning customers using the application

    market competition: rival and similar applications tend to release newer versions of their applications in other to win the market