if two people agree to pay half of the bills and client a pays $488 one month and client b pays $294 how much is owed to client a

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    Step-by-step explanation:

    First, what do we know? Client A payed 488, Client B payed 294. They were supposed to pay equal amounts, but clearly that hasn't happened. If they had been fair, they would have divided the total of each bill equally between them. There is a way for us to do this, simply add the two amounts, and then divide by two.


    [tex]\frac{782}{2} =391[/tex]

    So, both clients A and B were each supposed to pay 391. How much did client A overpay? We can find this number by looking at the difference between (or subtracting) the amount due (391) and the amount paid (488)


    We can verify this is correct by adding 97 to 294, to see if client B will now have paid as much as client A.


    which is what client B should have payed, and will have payed once he pays client A the 97 dollars owed.

    Thus, client A is owed $97.