How does the vacationers stereotype of “tropical” meaning sunshine,relaxation,and unchanging lifestyles compare with the reality of the tropics?

1 Answer

  • The vacationers stereotype of ''tropical'' can be very deceiving, as the picture in reality is different than what it is presented and thought to be.


    The term ''tropical'' is used for the areas that fall into the tropical climate zones, thus the areas on the lower latitudes, just north and south of the Equator. In the general public, the stereotype about these areas is that they are always sunny, relaxing, with monotonous lifestyle. This is hardly true in reality though, and there are great differences from one place to another.

    It is often forgotten that lot of these areas have heavy rain and storms for few hours almost every day. The humidity levels are very high, often making it very unpleasant. Some areas are extremely dry, with the temperatures being scorching hot, and having strong, dry, sandy winds. Some places can be very dangerous, be it because of natural hazards, or because of deadly diseases, dangerous flora and fauna.

    Areas that fall into the ''tropical'' category are:

    • tropical rainforests
    • deserts
    • steppes
    • savannas
    • tropical islands

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