What does Jem say caused the events leading up to it (When Jem broke his elbow) In To Kill a Mockingbird?

1 Answer

  • Answer: Jem believes that it all started when Dill came to Maycomb.


    To Kill a Mockingbird is Harper Lee's novel set in the fictional town of Maycomb.

    As the novel begins, Scout remembers her brother's injury and is certain that the events that led to it started with the Ewells. According to Scout, their father's defense of Tom Robinson made Mr. Ewell angry, who later sought revenge on them.

    Jem, on the other hand, believes that this chain of the events that led to his broken elbow started when Dill came to Maycomb. Dill proposed that the three of them make Boo Radley come out of his house, which was, in Jem's view, the point when everything went wrong.