A researcher conducted a study investigating the effect of computer screen time on a person’s amount of REM sleep. The researcher randomly assigned 100 people into four groups. The first group was given 2 hours of computer screen time each day, the second group was given 4 hours each day, the third group was given 6 hours each day, and the fourth group was given 8 hours each day. The study was conducted for one week, and the amount of REM sleep for each person was measured. What is the explanatory variable in the study?

2 Answer

  • The amount of screen time given.

  • Answer:

    Amount of screen time

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Explanatory variables are those variables that are not totally independent and are used to predict or explain differences in the response variable.

    Having pointed what an explanatory variable is, we'll list the explanatory variable(s) in the question, using the definition above.

    The Variable used to predict results here is the amount of screen time.

    In that case, it is the explanatory variable.

    And it's of numerical type.