Urgent Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To all Science Experts!

1.) What is the composition of Gneiss?
2.) Name three cities in NYS (New York State) that share the same latitude. Please give verified answer for this one.

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    1)Gneiss is a medium- to coarse-grained, semischistose metamorphic rock. It is characterized by alternating light and dark bands differing in mineral composition (coarser grained than schist). The lighter bands contain mostly quartz and feldspar, the darker often contain biotite, hornblende, garnet or graphite.

    2)The Biggest Cities in New York – NOT Including New York City

       1 - Buffalo, New York. Population: 261,025.

       2 - Rochester, New York. Population: 210,855.

       3 - Yonkers, New York. Population: 197,399.