Please help me it’s urgent
Please help me it’s urgent

1 Answer

  • Disagree of Students for installing Surveillance cameras in the schools is explained below :

    1. The main problem in the installation of a security camera will lead to privacy violations.
    2. This Privacy violation is the biggest concern in installing the camera.
    3. This privacy issue is not only for the student but also for the teachers.
    4. Both the teachers and students could worry whether about some hidden camera is there or not.
    5. Every student and teacher will not be aware of that and no one should like to take their privacy.
    6. The teacher and students will think that the management did not have trust in them.
    7. This will not create a better environment between the management and the students and also teachers.
    8. The cost of purchasing and installing cameras will cost high.
    9. After installing the monitoring and maintaining also cost more expenses.
    10. There also be theft issues.