How did Richard Nixon gain a reputation as a world peacemaker?

A.He was able to ease tensions with the Soviet Union.

B.He resisted early pressure to enter the Vietnam War.

C.He laid the groundwork for economic globalization.

D.He helped found the World Bank to provide aid to poor countries.‚Äč

1 Answer

  • A.He was able to ease tensions with the Soviet Union.


    • On September 4, 1972, by a large majority of votes, the US Senate adopted a five-year agreement with the Soviet Union that restricted nuclear weapons.
    • The results of the vote (88 to 2) came after a very heated two-month debate over whether the United States would be left behind in nuclear weapons after the forecast period. However, President Nixon's administration signed the agreement as a sign of loosening tensions between the two countries.
    • At a ceremony in Washington, a month after the Senate vote, President Nixon and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko signed the agreement, as well as the anti-ballistic missile agreement.
    • Minister Gromyko said the agreement would "go down in history as a significant contribution to limiting the arms race", while President Nixon praised these words, but noted that a significant number still remains to be resolved. problems with nuclear weapons and missiles.

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