Zoe writes the coordinate pairs(3,5) and (4,8). she then writes a third coordinate pair, but hides its values. Zoe says you can look at it and y-coordinate, but not its x- coordinate. Will you be able to tell if the three coordinate pairs represent a function? Explain.

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    Step-by-step explanation:

    (3,5) , (4,8) , (x,y)

    if u cant see the x coordinate, then u cant tell if it is a function.

    A function CANNOT have repeating x values...they can have repeating y values, just not the x ones.

    Therefore, if u could see x, u would know right away if it was a function....but if u can only see y....well....thats not enough.

    just so you know....the only way those 3 coordinate pairs could be a function, would be if x was any other number besides 3 or 4......because if x was 3 or 4, u would have repeating x values