read line 111-114 of beowulf
from him [cain] sprang every misbegotten thing,/ monsters and elves and the walking dead,/ and also those giants who fought against god/ time and again.
what literary element is most clearly seen in these lines?
A) characterization
B) flashback
C) climax
D) resolution

2 Answer

  • Answer: A)


    • Characterization is used as a literary device to describe and highlight all the details and characteristics of the character found in the story. In that way, the writer is introducing the character to the readers and he is making him noticeable.

    In these lines, we can see a description of the descendants of Cain and they are coming from confrontation with Grendel. The writer is describing the descendants mentioning the monsters and elves.

  • Answer:

    A) Characterization.


    Characterization is a literary technique where the writer gives a detailed account of the character. Then the characterization continues with the description of the events and scenes that develops or affects the characters.

    In the given lines from the epic "Beowulf", the narrator can be seen talking about the 'descendants' of the Cain, the biblical character who kills his own brother Abel. And through this narration, he seems to be referring to the monster Grendel. With the descendants of Cain as "misbegotten thing, monsters and elves, ..... giants", the narrator is characterizing the Grendel through Cain.