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Examples of Brazil’s cultural blending.

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  • Brazil is renowned for its culture, which is as unique as the landscape that spans this fascinating country.  


    Brazilian culture is quite unique, even in comparison to other South American nations. Dance and music account for much of Brazil’s extravaganzas, as high importance has been placed on these features within society.

    There are even popular dances and music that have been entrenched in the nation’s culture since the African slaves. Umbanda has a massive following within many parts of the country. In addition to music, African roots are also evident through the popular martial art/dance capoeira.  

    People in Brazil are generally fun-loving with a friendly attitude towards foreigners. Football, dance and music are the lifeblood of the country, so it isn’t surprising that local football styles are often characterized by mesmerizing movements and a fast-paced rhythm.  

    It is also known as the true "rainbow county"