A study will investigate the effectiveness of a new early reading program on
Prekindergarten students' reading abilities. The samples (n = 30 and
n =40) included in the study are taught by two preschool teachers.

Which of the
following are possible limitations of the study? Select all that apply.

A. The sample size is too small.

B. The teachers may differ in number of years teaching.

C. The teachers may differ in early childhood experience.

D. The teachers may differ in number of years teaching reading.

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    B, C, D

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The information given about the teachers is limited to the fact they teach preschool.

    B and D. If a teacher has more experience teaching, they are probably better at teaching. Even if the subject is not reading, they gain transferable teaching skills with experience.

    C. Although both teachers teach preschool, one may have many more years of experience or other qualifications, which will likely help them to teach better in generally.

    A. The samples 30 and 40 students in a typical class are enough to show different students' various learning styles and strengths. The sample size is big enough.