what other events or things do you want to know more about from the Little Rock Nine?
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    Here are the three questions I'm going to ask about the "Little Rock Nine."

    1. How did the Little Rock Nine respond to the hostile situations they encountered at the Central High School?

    2. Where did the Little Rock Nine get their confidence in order to resist the virulent oppositions?

    3. How did going to the Little Rock Central High School affected the Little Rock Nine's future lives?


    The "Little Rock Nine" was a group of African American students who became popular in 1957 due to their enrollment in an all-white school called the Little Rock Central High School.

    1. Going to school was probably a hard time for the students because it would always cause tensions and issues. I was wondering how they tried to respond to hostile situations, such as people who intentionally block them from entering school.

    2. I was also wondering where they got the confidence to resist the opposing people since during those times, it was a law that African-American and white students should have separate schools. It seemed impossible for them to be that confident to do an action.

    3. It also becomes interesting to know how such experience affected the future lives of the Little Rock Nine and how it resulted to their distinguished careers.